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Bowl of Fire Himalayan Salt Lamp

Bowl of Fire Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • $59.90

Salt Lamp Bowl of Fire
aprox 15.5 cm diameter carved bowl with rough rocks to sit in the top
creates a stunning center piece Lamp

This Salt Lamp sits on a hardwood base and comes with (1 x power cord with switch and dimmer) and 1bulbs and rough salt

A salt lamp is a lamp carved from a larger salt crystal, often colored, with an incandescent light bulb The lamps give an attractive glow and are suitable for use as nightlights or for ambient mood lighting. When illuminated, salt crystals emit a soft glowing light.

These lamps:
* Helps clean air pollution which promotes healthy living.
* Promotes relaxation and helps relieve stress
* Brings a positive energy in to your home or work place.
* Can be used as a Night lamp for children and grandparents.
* Helps in the prevention of asthma

Himalayan Salt Lamps can help eliminate the smell of smoking, cooking odours, chemicals, mould and mildew or allergens such as pollen, dust, and airborne bacteria

Bulb is included in the package.

Comes with NZ power plug and cable.
240V AC cord plug & switch.

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