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Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure

  • $6.00

Lavender essential oil

Comes in a blue bottle with Dripolator and sealed cap. 

100% pure oil

Botanical name. Lavender Lavandula Intermedia
Plant parts used. fresh flowering tops
Extraction method. Steam distillation
Region of origin.France

Lavender essential oil has a refreshing aroma,One of the most popular oils lavender has a wide range of uses.One to always have in the first aid box

This oil brings deep relaxation .Lavender encourages compassion and gentleness towards each other

lavender is also get on stings and bites,it can be applied to the skin without blending
Also helps stop the itch with sand fly and mosquito bites

Lavender is non - toxic,non - irritating and non - sensitizing,so is safe for all skin types

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